Chilean earthquake hits Japan?

Just heard about the earthquake in Chile – 5th strongest this century. Bigger even than Haiti. Chile is a very long, thin country, and the quake is down near the bottom, right down South. This area is known for its earthquakes – the biggest on record this century, in 1960, was down there.

In this one, at least 300 people have died, and they reckon 3 million will be affected.

How strange that the tsunami could hit Japan, thousands of miles away, and well NORTH of the equator. How fortunate that places like Hawaii don’t seem to have been affected. 

It’s a full moon this weekend, so the tides are anyway high.  So here’s a geeky statstic. In the Chatham islands (down by Australia) they saying they are currently getting 1.4 metre drops and falls every 14 minutes – usually you’d have 2 tides a day.   Fall out from the quake.  How amazing nature is.

How lucky I am to live in UK where we rarely see an earthquake, and when we do, a chimney might fall down if we are really unlucky.

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