Brendon Burchard’s hot simple tips for building a list

One of the challenges most internet marketers face is how to build a list.  I’ve just been watching a video by Brendon Burchard which tells you exactly how to do this starting with a very small list, which may just be your friends and relations.

He calls it ‘collaborative compounding’.  The idea is that you get together with a group of people – maybe friends, maybe people you’ve met at seminars – who also have small lists, and you all promote one another.  It’s an extraordinarily quick way to double, treble, quadruple the number of people you talk to about whatever it is you are offering.  The only technology bit is that you have to create a squeeze/opt-in page for people to go to.

The snag is, that this particular hot tip comes near the end of the video, but to be honest, the rest of the video is well worth a watch (and no, I am not an affiliate, so I am not making money here!).  It’s just over an hour long, and full of realy useful information about how to position yourself as an expert in your field. More importantly, it’s how to position yourself as an expert that other people want to listen to.

The video was originally created as part of a promotion to sell a course from his Experts Academy, so I don’t know how long he’ll leave it up, and he is definitely someone worth listening to.

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