How To Make Money Online Cheaply And Easily

Eben Pagan has just posted his third Gurublueprint video – all about how to make money online cheaply and easily.

Actually it’s not just cheap – it’s about as near to free as you can get.

In this video, he shows you how to make an online presentation (including video) in the space of about 10 minutes.  True, he’s using Screencaster, which is a bit of $97 software.  If you’re willing to keep your information soundbites down to under 10 minutes you can do what he did totally for free by using Jing – although you’re more likely to use short soundbites for advertising, rather than sellable product.

Of course, Eben is preparing for a big launch on June 1st, which is why he is giving away so much information. But it’s really good quality information for anyone with an interest in building an online business.  He’ll probably take the videos down soon after the launch – so go take a look now.

Meantime I am about to experiment with Google Website Optimiser.  An interesting tool that allows you to test different looks and feels and content. It’s been around a while, and I had forgotten I had access to it!  We’ll see….

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