Bizarre Experiences In The Digital World

Yesterday I had to go to the Post Office. Our local Post Office is fabulously inefficient, so I always expect to spend a long time in the queue/line. But yesterday I was delightfully entertained and intrigued by a bizarre event.

When I arrived the line stretched back to the entrance, and a woman was seated on one of the chairs there holding an extremely loud conversation on her mobile phone about whether taking time off work to attend to your sick mother counted as holiday or compassionate leave.

Suddenly I noticed that the guy 3 or 4 places in front of me was also on the phone. When she spoke, he was quiet, and vice-versa. As I tuned into his conversation, I realised they were talking to each other. They were no more than 10 feet apart (that’s about 3 metres), and within ear and eye shot of one another. In fact they were gesticulating at one another as they were talking.

At one point she even put him on hold to receive another incoming call.

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