FeedWordPress – Neat Little Gadget But…

I’ve just installed FeedWordPress on the site to enable me to syndicate (fancy word for publish/copy) my blog from ecademy, rather than having to copy it over.  The theory is, I can publish in more than one plae at the same time, which gives me more ‘profile’.

So far, so good.

And to some extent it works. If you look at recent blogs, you will indeed see that the author of some of them is Jane Lewis’s blog at ecademy.  Take a closer look and you will see that the blogs seem strangely inconclusive.  This is because the feed is only bringing the first two paragraphs across!

So, I will be investigating further. Potentially FeedWordPress is a little gem, especially if, like me, you have more than one blog. But I’m not at all sure I want to publish half-blogs.

Watch this space.

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