A Hot Little Google Analytics Trick

Depending on where you are in your online journey, you may or may not know what Google Analytics is. If you have a web site and you don’t know, then I really recommend you find out! GA or Analytics, as it’s affectionately known, is a great free Google tool which helps you understand who is visiting you web site, how often, and many other things besides. You need a gmail account to get at it, but that’s free. And once you have that, there is a whole world of handy little Google tools available which will help you with things like SEO and much more.

Now, if you DO have Analytics installed on your site, then you should definitely read this post from Leslie Samuel, guest blogging for Yaro Starak. In it, he talks about how to use GA to understand what people search for when they visit your site.  As he puts it, how to read the mind of your visitor: how to find out what visitors are interested in.

Mind you, I am still curious as to how s=kidney (and you’ll have to read the post to know what I am talking about!)

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