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Kickstart PLRI’ve long been an advocate of  Martins Avis’ Kickstart newsletter. Now Martin has started to offer a brilliant series of PLR products. PLR – Private Label Rights is a way of buying pre-written copy and making it your own. Basically you are buying the rights to use the copy. It’s a technique used by a lot of Internet Marketers to create both site content and saleable products quickly and easily.

The downside of many PLR products is that they can be extremely badly written.  People often outsource the writing of these products to non-native English speakers without testing whether they are capable of stringing two sentences of intelligent English together. Martin – an excellent writer himself, works with his wife, Delia, who is a former English teacher, and also has a way with words.

Even when they do outsource, it will be to someone who is an expert is the topic. The results still get passed to Delia for editing.

Martin also provides software tools to help you ‘spin’ the articles and do keyword research. And there are other resources on the site to help you make money online using PLR.

Current, recent topics Martin and Delia are offering include: camping, Halloween, dating, weight loss and stop-smoking. He is also offering a hypnosis MP3 download you can offer alongside advice on stopping smoking.

To learn more, take a look at Martin’s PLR Membership Site. This link will also tell you how you can buy individual products if you don’t want the full membership service.

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