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Since blogging is a key tool for my business, then I always want to let my Twitter followers know when I’ve posted a new blog. In the past I have used Twitter Tools. However, Twitter changed the way it worked with plug-ins (the Word Press euqivalent of an app), and the Twitter Tools set-up became too complicated for my little brain.

Bravely, I have decided to have another go, because Twitter Tools is a great way of ensuring that Twitter knows when I have written something new. It does it automatically, so I don’t have to waste time ensuring all the links are correct and that I have sent out the right messages in the right directions.

So this post is a test, to see if I have set it up right.

It’s also a reminder of the benefits of automation for getting your business known across the internet. Unfortunately there are too many people who overdo it. Tweets every 20 minutes, or some such foolishness. As a customer, or a Twitter follower, I never have time to read everything that appears, and I get very irritated when people tweet just for the sake of it. Or rather, for the sake of increasing their scores on reputation indices such as Klout or Peer Index.

Automate? Absolutely, but do it with care. Consider your reader. Don’t swamp them – it might make them fall out of love with you!

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