Business Writing

You already know that the way you write content is important. Whether it’s content for your website, for paper-based promotional material, for reports, or for any other written communications that circulate around your business, or go from your business to the world outside, your words count.

Some people dislike writing, some people can’t find the words or are somehow afraid they’ll ‘get it wrong’. Some people go ahead and write anyway, without realising the impact their language is having on their audience. And some people just want a bit of guidance to set them on their way or keep them on track.

If you don’t like writing, or can’t think where to start, you either end up with insufficient content, or content that doesn’t achieve what you want it to. This isn’t good for your business.

It probably isn’t great for your either, because it can make you feel foolish, overwhelmed, frustrated and even annoyed with yourself.

This is where I can help.

I offer 3 different business writing and content strategy services:

  • Consultancy – where I will work with you to help you bring your web-site or written materials up-to-scratch, so they communicate your messages powerfully and authentically. I’ll also look at your web-site to ensure that you are doing all the right things to be picked up in Google and the other Search Engines. In other words I’ll help you with your SEO basics.  This service will work best for you if you need help with developing your communication and content strategy, but either want to do the writing yourself, or give it to someone in your organisation to do.


  • Training – where you can sign up for reports, videos and other training programmes. You’ll probably find this most useful if  you feel you could do it, and would like to do it, but you feel uncertain, or want some hints and tips.


  • Doing-it-for-you – where I will create written content for you that supports your business strategy and business aims. If you feel a huge sense of relief at the idea of someone else doing all the writing work, then this is the best choice for you.

To find out more, fill out the form on the contact us about business writing page.