Content Strategy

We often create content in bits and pieces, where there is a sudden need. However, your content is going to have most impact if it sits within a Communications and Content Strategy.

When you have a Communications and Content Strategy, it gives you a framework for designing websites, company brochures and other promotional material. It gives you timescales – for example, how often will you update your website, post a blog or mail out updates to your customers? It also reduces the ‘blank page’ syndrome. That’s the one when you know you ought to write something but you can’think where to start.

Ideally, your Communication and Content Strategy should support your business strategy and aims. Otherwise, why bother? The word ‘strategy’ can seem frightening or over-complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Some of the best strategies can fit onto a single page.

I believe that you can develop a strategy quickly, but it takes focus and clarity – and that’s where a free Content Strategy session can help you.

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