Moulding Business Language Into Shape

Returning from a visit to see my mother today, we decided to put on a tape of Kenneth Grahame’s ‘The Wind In The Willows’. (It’s the only way to get my car radio to stay tuned into the traffic news without having to listen to the radio). I read the book as a kid, enthusiastically […] Read more »

Twitter Tools Test

Since blogging is a key tool for my business, then I always want to let my Twitter followers know when I’ve posted a new blog. In the past I have used Twitter Tools. However, Twitter changed the way it worked with plug-ins (the Word Press euqivalent of an app), and the Twitter Tools set-up became […] Read more »

Desperation Doesn’t Justify Bad Business Writing

There’s a creeping kind of desperation spreading across some corners of the Internet Marketing world, which is resulting in some appallingly bad business writing. And the problem with bad business writing is that it turns off potential customers. I have recently received two stunning examples of poor business writing, both through the post, but both […] Read more »