Desperation Doesn’t Justify Bad Business Writing

There’s a creeping kind of desperation spreading across some corners of the Internet Marketing world, which is resulting in some appallingly bad business writing. And the problem with bad business writing is that it turns off potential customers. I have recently received two stunning examples of poor business writing, both through the post, but both […] Read more »

Product Review – Kickstart PLR

I’ve long been an advocate of  Martins Avis’ Kickstart newsletter. Now Martin has started to offer a brilliant series of PLR products. PLR – Private Label Rights is a way of buying pre-written copy and making it your own. Basically you are buying the rights to use the copy. It’s a technique used by a […] Read more »

A Hot Little Google Analytics Trick

If you have Analytics installed on your site, then you should definitely read this post from Leslie Samuel, guest blogging for Yaro Starak. In it he talks about how to use GA to understand what people search for when they visit your site. As he puts it, how to read the mind of your visitor: how to find out what visitors are interested in. Read more »

What Can Blue-Tits Teach Us About Business?

Currently, my little London garden is full of birds. A family of blue-tits is nesting on one side, and a wren family on the other.  The magpies are in full chatter in the early morning, the black birds dig for worms after the rain, and the occasional robin drops by. It’s a constant source of […] Read more »

Google Divorce? New Trends In Online Marketing

Internet Marketing is changing. Three experts develop the same theme: SEO is a mug's game, especially for the small advertiser; Google is changing its rules; if your underlying business model isn't strong, then all the SEO in the world won't help you. Read more »