I offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products which I have created myself which you have paid me for.  That includes e-books, report, videos, MP3 downloads, PDFs.

With my coaching programmes, I believe that chemistry and trust are all important to making any coaching programme work.  For this reason, if you decide, after the first full coaching session, that it’s not for you, you get to keep any free stuff I have given you, and you will get the money that you have paid me for the coaching programme back – in full. This means you get a half hour initial consultation, a one coaching session and a collection of reports – all for free.


I also make money by recommending products and services I believe in, have paid for and/or use myself. So you should assume, unless I say otherwise, that I’m being paid a commission if you click on something I mention on this blog, and buy it. This affiliate commission builds up quite nicely, by the way, over time, especially if the products concerned are that of a recurring income nature. You should try it!

As I say, most of the things I recommend I use myself, and have often purchased in the usual way. If I try something, and subsequently don’t like it or think it doesn’t work, I will take it off my site.