Product Reviews

This page contains reviews of products which I have  found useful or interesting, and which I hope will help you too.

It is divided into 3 different sections:

  • Business writing and Copywriting Products. This includes reviews of products and services that relate to Business Writing
  • Internet Marketing Products which are specifically concerned with how to make money out of the internet – for example through affiliate marketing, video marketing, PLR or the dreaded SEO.
  • General Business Products.

Some of the reviews have been posted previously, while others can only be found in this section. In some cases the link to the products is an affiliate link, which means I make a commission if you buy the product. If you don’t want to buy through my link, just google the product name.

Dark Angels: Business Writing

Dark Angels

John Simmons is a branding expert with a stellar list of clients including Guinness and Unilever. He is also a superb writer and trainer with a profound belief in the creative power of words.

Dark Angels is about ‘encouraging writing at work to be more creative’. It has two themes: the importance of releasing greater creativity in businesses, and how to write more creatively in a business context. There are hints, examples and stories. It’s a joy to read, part diary, part literature and part  ‘how-to’ book.

His tips include listening to your own words as you write, putting yourself in the reader’s place and editing ruthlessly. He suggests various exercises to develop your skills. These include stimulating your ideas, working easily within constraints and stamping a personality onto the writing.





Kickstart PLR for Internet Marketing


Kickstart PLR is one of the best PLR products in the market today. If you struggle with writing your own material, then it’s well worth taking a look at what Martin Avis, the publisher of Kickstart, has to offer. Here is the link to my  review of Kickstart PLR.